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Menus for Friday, February 05, 2016

Click the apples for complete menu and interactive nutritive analysis:
Click for Nutritive Analysis  
Apples with Caramel Dip 
Baby Carrots with Ranch Dip 
Celery with Peanut Butter Dip 
Chocolate Choc Chip Cookies 
Monster Cookies 
Oatmeal Chia Seed Cookie 
Low Fat Chocolate Chip Muffin 
Triple Berry Muffin 
Apple Cinnamon Bread 
Banana Chocolate Chip Bread 
Apple Fritter 
Chocolate and White Iced Donuts 
Cinnamon Roll 
Curly Tiger Tail 
Glazed Twist 
Long John 
Raspberry Bismark 
Sunberry Blast Breakfast Bar 
Ultimate Breakfast Bar 

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