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Menus for Monday, March 30, 2015

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Today Featuring:
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-- Lunch and Dinner Soup --
Chicken Gumbo Soup 
-- Lunch Soup --
Iowa Corn Chowder 
-- Sandwiches to Go --
Chicken Pesto Sandwich on Baguette Bread 
Ham and Swiss Cheese Sandwich on Honey Oat Bread 
Roast Beef and Cheddar Wrap with Horseradish Spread 
Romaine and Orange Salad with Chicken 
Turkey Cheese Pretzel Sandwich 
-- Bakery Items --
Almond Quick Bread 
Chocolate Chip Banana Bread 
Glazed Twist 
Long John 
Texas Donut Holes 
-- Cookies --
Chocolate Chip Cookies 
Monster Cookies 
Toffee Crunch Cookies 
-- Godfather's Breakfast Pizza --
Ham, Egg and Cheese Breakfast Pizza 
-- Godfather's Regular Pizza --
Mini Cheese Pizza 
Mini Pepperoni Pizza 
Mini Sausage Pizza 
-- Godfather's Specialty Pizza --
Mini All Meat Combo Pizza 
Mini Combo Pizza 
Mini Pizza - Choose Your Own Toppings 
Mini Taco Pizza 
-- Godfather's Dessert Pizza --
Cherry Dessert Pizza 
-- Godfather's Chicken --
Black Olive Slices 
Chicken Tenders 

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