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To place an order*:

•    Log into your account. If you have not previously set up an account, create one.

•    Click in the Event Date box to add event, date, time and guest count.

•    Set delivery location. To avoid a delivery fee, orders can be picked up.

•    Choose items to order in the "Browse Menus" section in the left column. Make special notes in the text boxes, if needed.

•    When order is complete, proceed to checkout and complete billing information. Submit order. You will receive a confirmation email.

To ensure the best quality food and service possible:

•    Make arrangements a week or more in advance. 

•    Plan for serving the food. Service utensils and supplies such as plates, plastic ware  and napkins can be ordered online.

•    Plan for your food delivery - room unlocked 15 minutes prior to delivery time, tables or counters are available for the items.

•    To avoid a delivery fee, orders can be picked up from three locations across campus. Reusable equipment can be returned to these locations.

Call 273-2333:

•    For last minute planning

•    To add event service during your event

•    To add an item to your event that is not listed online

•    For food for events at Commons

•    If you have special diet or allergy concerns

*Online orders from CateringMadeEasy are not available for events at Commons.



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